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Using Visual FoxPro to Access Remote Data
Using Visual FoxPro to Acces Remote Data.doc
Microsoft® Visual FoxPro™ provides ways to connect to remote data of various types, including data created in non-tabular format, on different platforms, and from different products. You can get data of almost any type, as long as you know the format and have permission from the server administrator to access it. To do this, Visual FoxPro uses Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) technology, SQL drivers and language, and the speed and object-oriented programming features of Visual FoxPro. ODBC services are handled by the drivers available in your operating system and those supplied with Visual FoxPro. To use these services, you need to have information about your data source and, perhaps, a password.
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Geändert: 3/13/2022 Autor: McAlister Merchant