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Menüs, Toolbars
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Creating Custom Visual FoxPro Menus
Creating Custom Visual FoxPro Menus.doc
If you're creating Windows® 95-compatible applications, you need to provide a menu system to expose the application's functionality to users. The Microsoft ® Visual FoxPro™ Developer's Guide discusses some of the design considerations and mechanics of creating a menu system, and that is the best place to start if you are new to Visual FoxPro menus.
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Geändert: 2/15/2003 Autor: Rodney Hill
Der Menügenerator von Visual FoxPro
Einführung in das Arbeiten mit dem Menügenerator zur Erzeugung von Menüs, ShortCut-Menüs, TopLevel-Menüs sowie der Einführung in GenMenuX und Menü-OO-Techniken unter Microsoft Visual FoxPro. Menügenerator; Dateistruktur; „Normale“ Menüs; Kontextmenüs; Modale Masken; Top-Level-Menüs; ShortCut-Menüs; Menüobjekte; Data-Driven Menüs; GenMenuX
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Geändert: 10/16/2003 Autor: Rainer Becker
GENMENUX - A Menu Extender for Visual FoxPro 3.0
This program is based on the concept behind GENSCRNX by Ken Levy of JPL and the initial program by Steven Black. The idea behind the X-series of generators is that there are times when FoxPro does not provide everything required in the Power Tools.
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Geändert: 7/23/2003 Autor: Andrew Ross MacNeill
Using Toolbars in Visual FoxPro
Using Toolbars in Visual FoxPro.doc
Visual FoxPro lets you create "real" toolbars - something you could never do in FPW 2.6. Toolbars provide a nice way to access commonly used features in your application, such as record navigation, saving changes, and opening forms. Toolbars can make your applications much more appealing, however there are some design considerations you need to consider before you will be able to use them effectively.
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Geändert: 2/15/2003 Autor: Dave Lehr