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Adding HTML Help to Your Applications
Fundamentals Building Visual Studio Apps on a VFP Foundation Chapter 25.pdf
Sample Chapter 25 of Fundamentals Building Visual Studio Apps on a VFP Foundation: Online help has become pretty much a given these days. The previous version of Windows Help, WinHelp, was tough to implement and not that useful. The new version, HTML Help, is wonderful. In this chapter, I’ll show you how to use HTML Help Workshop and how to incorporate an HTML Help file with your application.
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Geändert: 4/27/2003 Autor: Whil Hentzen
Avoiding Common Problems in Help files
To develop truly helpful online help, writers need to think like potential users, include information to answer their questions at an appropriate level of detail, and make the information easy to find. This chapter describes the 10 most common complaints that users have with online help, the underlying problems that lead to these complaints, and ways to identify the problems and avoid or fix them.
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Geändert: 12/9/2004 Autor: Jean H. Weber
Die Microsoft Agent Klasse von Visual Extend 6.0
Visual Extend 6.0 (VFX 6.0) is an Application Development Framework for Software Developers working with Microsoft Visual FoxPro Version 6.0. Visual Extend includes Builders which assist the Software Developer in its daily work and dramatically speed up the software development process without sacrifying any of the Visual FoxPro features. With Visual Extend, Visual FoxPro becomes a real Rapid Application Development Tool for both Desktop and Client Server Database Application Development.
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Geändert: 11/30/2020 Autor: Arturo Devigus