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Einsatz von Visual SourceSafe mit Visual FoxPro
I25P003 VSS Schulung.ppt
Slideshow zur Verwendung von Visual Source Safe als Versionsverwaltungssystem für Visual FoxPro Projekte.
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Geändert: 11/30/2020 Autor: Norbert Abb
Projektmanager und Source Safe unter Visual FoxPro
Einführung in die Bedienung des Projektmanagers sowie ggf. der Einführung in den Einsatz und die Anwendung von SourceSafe in der Teamentwicklung mit Visual FoxPro.
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Geändert: 11/30/2020 Autor: Rainer Becker
Rezension: Essential SourceSafe
11-02-17 Rezension SourceSafe.doc
Essential SourceSafe ist die Übungshilfe und die Referenz für gelegentliche Anwender, Softwareentwickler und SourceSafe-Administratoren für die Installierung, Konfigurierung und Verwaltung von SourceSafe in unterschiedlichen Entwicklungsumgebungen. Dieses Buch umfasst ein breites Themenspektrum von den Grundlagen der Installation und Verwaltung über erweiterte Eigenschaften wie Berichtserstellung bis zu den erweiterten Eigenschaften wie der Automatisierung.
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Geändert: 11/30/2020 Autor: Ted Roche
SourceSafe in Theory and Practice
Essential SourceSafe Chapter 02.pdf
Sample Chapter 2 of Essential SourceSafe: So far, Chapter 1, “Visual SourceSafe Installation,” helped you install Visual SourceSafe and configure it. This chapter looks at what SourceSafe does for you—how it stores information, how it presents your projects, and how you can check files in and out and track changes. This chapter explains what SourceSafe is doing with operations named checkout, check in, difference, branch, pin and merge. In this chapter, you get to run the Visual SourceSafe client, also called the Explorer, create a sample project and source code, and exercise the functions made available through the VSS Explorer interface. The last portion of this chapter reviews each of the dialogs presented by SourceSafe, pointing out important features and hazards.
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Geändert: 4/27/2003 Autor: Ted Roche
Using SourceSafe to Maintain a SourceSafe Database
Microsoft Visual SourceSafe is a version control system used for storing source code, text files, web content or any other type or document where ownership, tracking and revision history is important. However, the Visual SourceSafe (VSS) database must have regular maintenance performed to ensure that it is kept in good shape and does not encounter corruption. Like remembering to get the oil changed or scheduling that appointment with the dentist, it is really easy to let maintenance slide. And like other maintenance chores, there can be serious consequences to neglect. This article shows how, with a little work up front, an administrator can automate the routine maintenance, keep an eye on what's going on, and be alerted to database problems. One of the real hassles with using SourceSafe's Analyze utility is interpreting the results intelligently. The method shown here minimizes the noise, so administrators can see right through to any changes they might need to be concerned with.
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Geändert: 8/4/2004 Autor: Ted Roche